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In recent years we adopted a more adventurous approach to our travel that included an African Safari, a Galapagos expedition, hiking Machu Picchu and most recently an Alaskan land/sea combination. We quickly realized that when planning a once in a lifetime adventure you want to rely on a partner with years of global travel experience. That is exactly what Lorraine delivers. With each trip, Lorraine’s extraordinary expertise translated to experiences and memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. We can’t conceive of planning a trip without Lorraine and we have jealously shared her with a number of family and friends who have had similar experiences.”   

Gary V.

“Live 4 Travel, Lorraine Bennett, has been our choice for a travel advisor for fifteen years, and even though you can make all your arrangements online today, we have found that things work out much better with an experienced travel advisor in the loop.  We travel a great deal to many exotic places, and the knowledge that Lorraine brings to the arrangements consistently raises the satisfaction level from OK to outstanding. On organized tours she has been a wizard at finding outstanding activities for before and after the tour, and she is a genius at finding reasonable airfares wherever we travel.

Several years ago we were planning a major trip to New Zealand, having tried twice before and canceled the arrangements due to problems.  Lorraine found a very experienced in-country operator and worked with them to tailor a spectacular six-week trip that fit our budget and allowed us to do everything we wanted with a few extras tossed in beside, such as seeing a kiwi in the wild or sailing an ACC class boat.  It was a driving trip and we were even provided with turn by turn directions for every leg of our journey. 

A couple of years ago we wanted to ”do” China and she did the same thing again, through a boutique in-country advisor she found who arranged for wonderful English speaking guides that led us to fascinating spots and activities we had never even considered while placing us in 5 star hotels at nearly every stop, but backing off a bit a couple of times when we wanted to get a better feel of the area.

Just last year we did a mammoth 54-day trip that strung together three organized tours with customized activities in each break that started in the Cape Verde islands and finished just south of the border between Scotland and Norway.

We couldn’t do these things without her support, guidance, and knowledge, and it makes every trip a special experience, whether it is a short driving trip in the States or an excursion that spans the globe and takes us to some little known corner of this wonderful planet we live on. Thanks to Lorraine we have learned so much that would have escaped our notice had we been making our own arrangements or relying on a less capable advisor.”

Nancy & Ralph A.

Special thanks to Nancy & Ralph A. and Gary V. for providing the photos taken on their luxury vacations over the last 15 years planned by Live 4 Travel.

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